Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who is Sergio Purrinos?

Homestead, FL - Homestead’s City Manager Sergio Purrinos is a veteran public sector manager and planner who brings impressive credentials and 20 years of city planning and land-use experience to Homestead City Hall.

Mr. Purrinos was appointed as Homestead’s City Manager on March 9th.

Purrinos’ credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Louisiana and a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Pittsburgh — both of which have effectively prepared him for the challenges he now faces in the City of Homestead.

Mr. Purrinos is a U.S. Army veteran.  As a First Lieutenant in the United States Army Department of Logistics, he received Army Achievement and Army Commendation Medals for outstanding performance.

According to Mayor Steve Bateman “Most people don’t know what an impressive background Sergio has, and frankly; we are lucky to have him in Homestead.”
Mr. Purrinos returned to Homestead last year as Development Services Director and later was drafted by Mayor Bateman and the City Council to fill two seats — Acting City Manager and Development Services Director — after former City Manager Mike Shehadeh was placed on Administrative leave last November.

Mr. Purrinos knows Homestead well.

As a City of Homestead City Planner and Assistant Director of Development Services from 1998 to 2002, he was responsible among other things for amendments to the City’s Development Master Plan, the administration of planning and zoning regulations, and the coordination of concurrency reviews for new development proposals.

Mr. Purrinos’ achievements as Planning Director for the Village of Pinecrest and as City Manager of the City of Doral were remarkable as well.

In his two-year tenure at Pinecrest, Purrinos developed an overlay in the commercial sector of the Village, maintained the Village’s Development Master Plan, administered building, planning and zoning regulations, and administered the Code Enforcement and Occupational License Divisions.

He also obtained state and federal grants to convert the Village’s new Municipal Building into a state-of-the-art emergency operations center facility.

During his four-year employment In the City of Doral as Assistant City Manager and then City Manager, Purrinos was involved in all aspects of the growth and transformation of the City from its beginning.

He secured $34 million in financial reserves and obtained an AA- Bond Rating, eliminated the burden of an annual $8 million mitigation payment to Miami-Dade County with the assistance of the Florida legislature and local lobbyists, obtained several parks grants which exceeded $13 million, and managed the design and construction for the new city hall.

Mr. Purrinos also developed Doral’s first Comprehensive Development Master Plan and Land Development Code as City Manager.

As two of his former bosses, Doral Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz and Councilman Pete Cabrera share a respect and confidence in Purrinos.

According to Councilwoman Ruiz, “Mr. Purrinos performed at exceptional levels during very trying times and should be commended for his stalwart commitment and service.”  Furthermore, Councilwoman Ruiz considers Purrinos “to be a professional of distinguished and honorable characteristics.”

According to Doral Councilman Pete Cabrera, “Sergio was a person with the willingness and ability to find solutions. He managed the City like a business eliminating bureaucracy.”

Sergio Purrinos believes that “The biggest challenges that Homestead faces are growth management and financial health.  The City’s growth must be properly and practically managed; permitting appropriate growth and density. In addition, the City’s financial health and its maintenance of service levels are critical in these tough economic times.”

Purrinos has plans to address Homestead’s growth management and fiscal issues and is looking forward to drafting his first City of Homestead budget.  According to Purrinos, Homestead is a unique city with unique challenges.

“I believe that I can effectively work with the new City Council and the City’s employees to make a more modern, effective and lower cost government and to bring Homestead to the forefront of the County’s numerous municipalities.”

Since last November, Mr. Purrinos achieved numerous objectives as Acting City Manager.  He reactivated the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), reactivated the City’s Trolley Project, and activated several major capital improvement projects such as Roscoe Warren Park and other beautification projects.

In addition, Purrinos eliminated several non-essential positions to reduce the City’s personnel costs, streamlined and reduced the cost of the building permitting process, and in general has been a steady hand on the helm during the turmoil associated with termination of the former City Manager Mike Shehadeh.

Mayor Steve Bateman is a strong supporter and says “I expect great things from Sergio Purrinos.  He is a known quantity and a managerial talent.

His exceptional management in other South Florida Cities, prior service in Homestead, and Hispanic background are assets that fit our growing city well.

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